Pirate Athletics Traditions

The Pirate Mascot -

How does a school located in Spokane, Washington - more than 300 miles away from the Pacific Ocean - adopt the nickname of Pirates?  Whitworth was actually founded in 1890 in Sumner, Washington which is much closer to the Puget Sound. Later the school spent 15 years in Tacoma, within sight of the water, before moving to Spokane in 1915.

But the nickname for the athletic teams was not officially adopted until 1926.  According to An Enduring Venture of Mind and Heart, An Illustrated History of Whitworth University by Dale A. Soden:

"Still lacking a formal mascot for the college, the Whitworth student body grew tired of having its teams referred to as the 'Presbyterians' or the 'Preachers,' and in the spring of 1926 suggested the following names: Lynx, Spartans, Tigers, Bantams, Bobcats, Panthers, Huns, and Trojans.  A group of athletes suggested the name Pirates, which carried the day."


The Whitworth Fight Song -

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For Whitworth Fight, Fight, Fight and Win
For the Crimson and Black the Highest Honors Bring Back
For Whitworth Fight, Fight, Fight and Win, Onward to Victory!
Be Not Content with Less, Whitworth Deserves the Best
So Come On Whitworth Fight and Win!