Heritage Gallery Hall of Fame

Recognizing the men and women who have represented the ideals of Whitworth University has been a long-standing goal of the Whitworth Athletic Department and its alumni. The goal of recognition and celebration of former Pirate coaches, athletes, staff and community contributors was realized in 1990 with the formation of the Heritage Gallery by members of the Crimson Club. There Heritage Gallery is now funded and operated by the Whitworth athletics department.  As of 2017, ninety-five individuals and nine teams are currently included in this impressive group.  They represent the highest ideals of Whitworth athletics, both on the field and among the community.

Class of 1990
Sam Adams (Football Athlete & Coach)
Amy Haydon (Volleyball Athlete)
Norm Richardson (Football Athlete)
Ray Washburn (Baseball Athlete)
David Weyerhaeuser (Contributor)

Class of 1991
Paul Merkel (Baseball Coach)
1960 NAIA National Champion Baseball Team

Class of 1992
Sam Gulley (Track & Field Athlete)
Diana Marks (VB, Bskbll, Tennis Coach)
Ken Sugarman (Football Athlete)
Bob Ward (Football, Track Athlete & Coach)
Frank Warren (Contributor)

Class of 1993
Ross Cutter (Tennis Coach)
Dave Holmes (Football Coach)
Fred Shaffer (Football, Track Athlete)
Tom Ventris (Football, Athlete & Coach)

Class of 1994
Scott Chatterton (Contributor)
Mark Koehler (Tennis Coach & Contributor)
Ed Kretz (Football, Bsktball Athlete)
Les Patten (Tennis Athlete)

Class of 1995
Leslie Hogan (Wrestling Coach)
Doug Long (Football Athlete)
Dennis Spurlock (Football Athlete)
Vern Tucker (Football Athlete)

Class of 1996
William Cole (Football Athlete)
Alvin Quall (Contributor)
Walter Spangenberg (Football Athlete)
Gerald Stannard (Bsbll, Ftbll, Bskbll Coach)
Barbara Walker (Basketball Athlete)

Class of 1997
Homer Cunningham (Contributor)
Tara Flugel (Basketball Athlete)
Jim Lounsberry (Football Coach)
1953-56 Football Teams
Barbara Winkle (Track & Field Athlete)

Class of 1998
Hugh Campbell (Football Coach)
John Murio (Football Athlete)
Ralph Polson (Basketball Athlete)
Dick Washburn (Baseball Athlete)

Class of 1999
Tom Beall (Baseball Athlete)
Tom Black (Football Athlete)
Jim Doherty (Basketball Athlete)
Kari Jacobson (Track & Field Athlete)
Dave Pomante (Football Athlete)

Class of 2000
Rod McDonald (Basketball Athlete)
Charlie Reed (Football Athlete)

Class of 2001
Bob Bradner (Football Athlete)
Marcia Dashiell (Basketball Athlete)
Tommy Stewart (Basketball/Track Athlete)

Class of 2002
Doug Larson (Track & Field Athlete)
Mark Linden (Baseball/Football Athlete)
1996 Men's Basketball Team

Class of 2003
1961 Men's Tennis Team
Norm Harding (Baseball/Football Athlete)
Allison (Nani) Blake (Swimming Athlete)
Jennifer Tissue (Soccer/Basketball Athlete)

Class of 2004
Nate Dunham (Basketball Athlete)
Wayne Buchert (Football Athlete)
1965 Men's Cross Country Team

Class of 2005
1996 Men's Swimming Team
Jeff, Jerry, Brian and Brent Rice (Swimming)

Class of 2006
Marv Adams (Basketball Athlete)
1960 Football Team

Class of 2007
1978-81 Volleyball era
Larry Paradis (Football Athlete)
Drew Stevick (Track & Field Athlete)

Class of 2008
George Elliott (Football Athlete)
Larry Jacobson (Football Athlete)
Bob Mandeville (Basketball/Baseball Athlete)
Julie Weatherred (Volleyball Athlete)

Class of 2009
Wayne Ralph (Football Athlete)
Kristin Shields (Track Athlete)
Arnie Tyler, Sr. (Track & Field Coach)

Class of 2010
Bryan Depew (Basketball Athlete)
John Gould (Soccer Athlete)
Melanie [Kosin] McGlaughlin (T&F/CC Athlete)
Kevin Wang (Swimming Athlete)

Class of 2011
Sky Blake (Football Athlete)
Warren Friedrichs (Coach / Administrator)
Tiffany Speer (Basketball Athlete)
Jerry Tighe (Cross Country, Track Athlete)

Class of 2012
J. Pat Evans
Jan Okada
2005 Men's Soccer Team

Class of 2013
Michael Allan
Tom Dodd
Bill Robinson 

Class of 2014
Samantha Kephart
Jock McLaughlin
Haley Nichols
Scott McQuilkin 

Class of 2015
Serena Fadel
Warren Lashua
John Rasmussen 

Class of 2016
Emmanuel Bofa
Joel Clark
Jo (Sonnett) Roberts
Todd Sabrowski

Class of 2017
Natalie Danielson
Leslie (Nelson) Morrison
Cody Stelzer
Matt Stueckle

Class of 2018
Adam Anderson
Cory Bergman
Sarah (Shogren) Clyde
Natalie Turner

Class of 2019
Rory Buck
Sean Bushey
Carter Comito
Jael Hagerott